Construction in flood hazard areas

The Queensland Development Code MP 3.5 – Construction of buildings in flood hazard areas (PDF, 59KB) applies to building work to be carried out in an area that:

  • is a designated flood hazard area
  • and
  • has a defined flood level declared for the area.

The purpose of the code is to ensure that specified buildings resist flotation, collapse or significant permanent movement caused by flood water.

The code aims to:

  • safeguard occupants and other people against illness or injury caused by flood water-affected buildings
  • protect occupants from backflow and protect their utilities from the effects of flood water.

Local government can designate and declare a flood hazard area, defined flood level and other information allowed under section 8 of the Building Regulation 2021 to apply building requirements, including MP 3.5.

Designation or declaration must be stated in a planning scheme, temporary local planning instrument or resolution as being made under the Regulation.

When designating a flood hazard area, the local government must:

  • comply with State Planning Policy 2013 and any relevant temporary state planning policy
  • keep a register of the flood hazard areas designated and when each was made.

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