Build over infrastructure

Building work over or near sewers, water mains, stormwater drains and combined sanitary drains must be assessed against the Queensland Development Code MP 1.4 – Building over or near relevant infrastructure (PDF, 515KB).

MP 1.4 provides consistent and tailored standards across Queensland. A range of default building solutions are available to property owners.

Where MP 1.4 applies

MP 1.4 applies to building work that is proposed to be carried out on a lot:

  • that contains, or is adjacent to a lot that contains, relevant infrastructure
  • adjacent to a road reserve that contains relevant infrastructure
  • subject of an easement registered by a relevant service provider through the Titles Registry.

Where MP 1.4 doesn't apply

MP 1.4 doesn't apply to:

  • building work that is further than a specified minimum distance from the infrastructure, including:
    • sufficiently clear from the zone of influence
    • 3 metres away for a Class 1 or 10 building or structure
    • 5 metres away for a Class 2–9 building
    • 5 metres away for driven piles or piers
    • 10 metres away for ground anchors or rock bolts
  • internal alterations or repairs to existing buildings or structures that don't:
    • increase the floor area
    • affect the footing system or sub-structure
  • self-assessable (accepted) building work for a structure (e.g. a fence or retaining wall), unless the structure is supported by a strip footing. See Schedule 1 of the Building Regulation 2021 for self-assessable types of building work.

If MP 1.4 doesn't apply, the building development application can continue without service provider consent, because adequate protection will be provided without further assessment or conditions.

Referral agencies

Under the Planning Regulation 2017, a 'relevant service provider' is a referral agency for building work regulated under MP 1.4.

A relevant service provider is either:

  • for a sewer – the sewerage service provider as defined under the Water Supply (Safety and Reliability) Act 2008
  • or
  • for a stormwater drain – the owner of the stormwater drain
  • or
  • for a water main – the water service provider, as defined under the Water Supply (Safety and Reliability) Act 2008.

An application must be referred to a referral agency if the work either:

  • doesn't comply with an acceptable solution for the MP 1.4 performance criteria
  • is for a class of building or structure for which the MP 1.4 does not state an acceptable solution.

Referral agencies have 20 business days to assess the application. They may charge a fee.

Combined sanitary drains

Applications involving combined sanitary drains don't need a referral agency because they're usually:

  • shared by more than 1 lot owner
  • not owned by a service provider.

In these cases, the assessment manager assesses an alternative solution.

Keeping service providers informed

In some instances, sewerage service providers must be informed about any building work located near their infrastructure to help them in their inspections, maintenance and repair duties.

Building certifiers can advise sewerage service providers using Form 32 – Relevant information for service providers (PDF, 62KB).

Read more in our information for private building certifiers (PDF, 71KB).


A person may appeal a decision relating to MP 1.4 to the Development Tribunals, including a decision to impose conditions or grant a refusal.

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