Apportionment of premiums for insurance duty

When calculating duty, general insurers must apportion all premiums paid on insurance contracts that relate to:

  • property that at the time of insurance is located in Queensland and in another state or territory
  • a risk concerning an act or omission that within the normal course of events may occur within, or partially within, Queensland and in another state or territory.

Apportionment applies to a contract of life insurance for people living in Australia, where at least one person has a home in Queensland when the policy is issued.

Where applicable, premiums should be apportioned as described in the Schedule of Apportionment. You can find the Schedule of Apportionment in Schedule 2 of the Duties Regulation 2013.

Applying to change how a premium is apportioned

As an insurer or insured person, you can request in writing that we apportion a premium on another basis.

You can make a written application to:

Queensland Revenue Office
GPO Box 2593
Brisbane  QLD  4001


Queensland Revenue Office

  • Call 1300 300 734 (Australia) or
    +61 7 3179 2500 (overseas)
  • Send an email using our online enquiry form.