Registering, rate and threshold for betting tax

As a betting operator, you must register for betting tax with Queensland Revenue Office at the end of the first month that your taxable wagering revenue (TWR) equals or exceeds the annual threshold amount.

For example, if your TWR equals or exceeds the annual threshold amount during March 2020, you must register for betting tax by 7 April 2020.

Annual threshold amount

The annual threshold amount is $300,000.

Tax rate

Betting tax is applied at the rate of 15% to a betting operator's TWR that exceeds the annual threshold amount.

The 2022-23 State Budget announced changes to betting tax effective 1 December 2022.

These changes are subject to legislative amendment:

  • 5% racing levy in addition to the existing 15% betting tax
  • free bets and bonus bets will be included when calculating.

More information will be available later this year.

What you need to do to register

Before you register for betting tax, you need to create an individual QRO Online account. (You cannot set up a generic account for a company.) Then link your individual account to the taxpayer.

See instructions on how to:

Once your account has been validated, select the Registration tile within QRO Online.

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Queensland Revenue Office

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