Land title practice manual

Witnessing provisions during coronavirus (COVID-19)

With the current COVID-19 situation, the Registrar of Titles has provided some guidance on alternative witnessing provisions that can be used to assist in witnessing of documents, where document lodgement cannot be delayed. For example, where the transferor or mortgagor is in COVID-19 related self-quarantine or self-isolation.

Read about these alternative witnessing provisions (PDF, 110KB).

For the latest on the response to COVID-19 including information and assistance for businesses from the Queensland and Australian Governments please visit the Queensland Health and the Australian Government Department of Health websites.

The land title practice manual details the required practice and procedures for industry practitioners when preparing and lodging Titles Registry forms. The manual includes a detailed guide to completion for each form and examples of completed forms.

Titles Registry forms are legally binding and must be completed carefully. Please contact a competent legal professional for legal advice or for assistance with any complex transaction.

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