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Running a home business - video transcript

In a case study video Joanne Kennard, the owner of Mums & Kids Enterprises, talks about her strategies for successfully running a home business:

[Joanne Kennard, owner of Mums & Kids Enterprises]

I'm Joanne Kennard, and I'm the owner of Mums & Kids Enterprises.

The benefits of working from home – as obviously, I have children and so I think that being able to be there - just in case there's an emergency – or taking my children after hours, things like that. There is definitely that family thing that I can also be there and have a career. I'm not tied to that.

I find that working from home – I need to manage my time quite strictly, so I get up very early and I do check the emails, but I make sure that my housework is done, the washing's on the line, the meat is out of the freezer ready for the evening meal, and it's all done – my son's gone to school, my daughter's off to school, everything is organised by 9 o'clock.

I've got a very strong financial background, so the finances for me were quite easy, and extremely important. I've actually discovered along my many years working all around the world, a lot of companies have amazing ideas, but they actually fall over because their finances aren't done right. So that's a very strong base, and I'm a filing freak, so everything is filed, everything is organised. And that again I guess is coming back to making sure everything's in order so that I can put my hand on something when I actually really need it.

So the skills that I've learnt along the way – I've actually learnt to put my hand up and ring somebody or talk to somebody at networking parties – or, you know, networking as well – and say listen, how do you do that? And gather so much information, and I'll often ring somebody and say listen, I need some information, I need help – how on earth am I supposed to do this? And I think that works – the mentor that I have been using, he's extremely good, and he has taught me to think bigger than I initially did.

He taught me to think about not selling in cartons, selling in container loads, and being able to provide prices of container loads – thinking bigger than you do. Because, ultimately, if you think bigger and you show that you can produce your products in a larger volume, you'll get those orders, which is proven for us.

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