100 Faces of Small Business - transcript

In this 100 Faces of Small Business video, hear about a small business success story and how small businesses can be a part of this new Queensland Government initiative.

[Hon. Shannon Fentiman, MP, Minister for Employment and Small Business]
Well I’m here with Michelle, from Henry Hottie Pet Beds, a wonderful success story for a Queensland small business.

Michelle started making these awesome beds in her garage and is now ready for the overseas market and supplies the University of Queensland’s Veterinary Hospital.

So it is one of our wonderful success stories for small business and leading up to our Small Business Week, of course, I am really pleased to announce the new 100 Faces of Small Business. Where we are shining a light on our successful small businesses, the people behind them and some of their inspiring stories and we want to hear about the hard work and the heart that goes into our small businesses.

With 97% of businesses across Queensland are small businesses, it’s about time that we celebrate and acknowledge the hard work that goes into making these wonderful products and our wonderful stores right across Queensland.

[Michelle Cummins, Henry Hottie Pet Beds]
It’s wonderful to be recognised for being a small business and for all the hard work over the past 6 years, it’s an absolute blessing to work with animals.

Alison, Stanley and Pepper are helping us here today. It’s been a very long journey but a very rewarding one and now we are taking our beds to the world. So we are going into America, China, the UK and, of course, expanding here in Australia.

[Hon. Shannon Fentiman, MP]
So I would encourage all of our small businesses to head to the Business Queensland website and sign up for our 100 Faces of Small Business campaign which will feature as part of Queensland Small Business Week later this year at the end of May.