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Tammie Mennis

Cashmere, SEQ

Galia Rose has over 30 years of international nursing experience. Having worked overseas where orthopaedic footwear was readily accessible for children with a disability, Galia saw a gap in the Australian market. Inspired by her passion for complex care, Galia set on a mission to deliver ‘funky and functional orthopaedic footwear for everyone’. Partnering with physiotherapist Tammie Mennis in 2017, Well & Able deliver accessible, affordable and fashionable medical-grade footwear to Australians with a disability.

My name is Tammie Mennis, I am a physiotherapist and have a business called Well and Able, and we are located in Cashmere, Brisbane.

Soon after I graduated I started working with children with disabilities and have done so ever since. In all that experience of working with children and families with disabilities I’ve developed a wealth of knowledge about the types of supports they need and I’ve bought that to Well and Able.

I work on a very collegial basis, I like to gather other people’s ideas and opinions and collate all of that together in my mind and make a plan about the best way forward.

The hard work and the stress of being your own boss has been very difficult, but each day we can wake up and make decisions about how to help people and how to do the best job we can do.

We wouldn’t have the opportunity to do what I’m doing if I went back to a 9 to 5 job. Within this role we have the freedom to be creative and to develop something new and innovative, which I know wouldn’t be possible in a 9 to 5 role.

As an experienced nurse, Galia worked in European countries where orthopaedic footwear is readily accessible. It is also often the primary intervention for children with additional needs.

After seeing the success that orthopaedic footwear can have on the development of mobility skills, Galia knew she needed to increase the offering in Australia. Until recently, many Australian children with a disability have only had access to either an extremely limited choice or expensive, custom-made supportive footwear.

On a mission, she began supplying footwear from her garage in 2015. As demand grew, Galia invited physiotherapist Tammie on board to help expand their product range and begin delivering professional services.

Well & Able has steadily expanded their range of products and services for both children and adults with a disability. They now have the largest range of medical-grade footwear in the Australian disability sector. With support from the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) and their new website, Galia and Tammie are determined to grow their national presence. The NDIS will open up national opportunities as well as providing consumers with smarter access to their services.

In the future, Well & Able will focus on building their market awareness and partnerships with other businesses. They also plan to establish Brisbane’s first specialist clinic, with a shopfront to provide professional selection and fitting services.

Galia and Tammie have come a long way, but are still working hard to assist all children and adults with additional needs to be ‘well and able’.

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