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Taj Pabari

Brisbane, SEQ

A company established by a young entrepreneur for young entrepreneurs, Fiftysix Creations is the brainchild of Taj Pabari. Taj is dedicated to helping youth learn the skills needed for the workforce of the future.

My name is Taj Pabari, I'm the founder of Fiftysix Creations, and we're based here in Brisbane.

Fiftysix Creations is social enterprise; we teach kids about business and creativity during school and during school holidays.

We wanted to give young people the opportunity to have incredible education where they could experience the world of business, experience the world of entrepreneurship and tie them all together to start their very own business, or social change movement, in the classroom.

We've been very lucky to take advantage of many of the Advance Queensland grant initiatives, including the Young Starters and Start-up Events Fund.

We've got amazing people around us, and that's what we advocate for our young people that we teach. They need amazing people around them. What I expect from our students, what I expect from our classroom coaches, and our staff, is energy. We want high energy individuals, people who have a lot of passion, people who have a lot of drive and ambition.

Working with such a dynamic and really socially conscious bunch of kids is powerful and really impacts the way we come back to the office with a renewed sense of passion, drive, and motivation.

Established by Taj Pabari, 2017 Young Australian of the Year for Queensland, Fiftysix Creations is Australia’s largest provider of entrepreneurship and business workshops for schools.

Fiftysix Creations delivers in-school and after-school workshops to equip primary and secondary students with the skills and mindset to succeed in the future. Students learn about creativity, entrepreneurship, computer science and financial literacy; more than 35,000 Australian school children have engaged with Fiftysix Creations through these workshops.

Fiftysix Creations also runs 'business camp', where participants experience the highs, lows, successes, failures and pressure of running a business, over an intensive 72 hour period during the school holidays. Mentored along the way, students aged 6 to 16 build their own business or social change movement. For every ticket purchased for business camp, Fiftysix Creations provide a complimentary ticket to a child who cannot afford one.

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