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Susan Davis & Annabel Sullivan

New Farm, SEQ

When Susan Davis and Annabel Sullivan were made redundant from corporate positions, they combined their professional skills to start their own business. They established a Brisbane business specialising in one of the most important marketing tools for business in the digital age: social media.

[Annabel Sullivan] Hi, my name is Annabel...

[Susan Davis] ...and I'm Susan...

[Annabel Sullivan] ...and we work for Strategic Social Profiles...

[Susan Davis] ...and we live in Brisbane.

[Susan Davis] Strategic Social Profiles assists small business to create social media strategy enabling small business owners to social it yourself. We like giving them back that control to small business so that they can engage directly with their customer.

[Susan Davis] My background is in media, television, digital and magazine sales and Annabel’s is in tourism and business event sales and marketing. Together we've got an extensive array of experience which we now put to practice in our business every day.

[Annabel Davis] We find that small business is filled with innovators, creative people that are so determined and we love being able to share their stories. If small businesses want to engage with their customers, they need to be on social media because that's where their customers are and if they want to impact their businesses in a positive way, then they need to do more than just have a Facebook page, they actually need to have a strategy and a plan in place and that's something we can actually help them with.

Susan Davis and Annabel Sullivan were both made redundant in 2014 after immensely successful and rewarding professional careers. They both faced the possibility of finding another corporate role, or taking the leap and creating their own small business. Seizing the opportunity to work together, they took the plunge and established Strategic Social Profiles, providing strategic social media profiles and coaching for busy professionals and small business owners, using LinkedIn and Facebook.

Straight away they found enthusiastic customers eager to have their social media profiles updated. The business evolved as their customers realised the power of social media and Susan and Annabel's passion for them to use it effectively to drive business growth. But after saying 'yes' to everything, a niche offering emerged with the opportunity to diversify. Using a consultancy model, Strategic Social Profiles develop and advise on social media strategy for their clients, allowing them to keep the management and execution of this strategy in-house to engage customers and increase brand awareness.

This model sets them apart from their competitors as they empower and upskill their clients' ability to manage their own social media, ensuring authenticity and nimble engagement with their customers. In keeping with this model, Strategic Social Profiles has developed an innovative offering, Social It Yourself (SIY), for small businesses who don't use the consulting option. Available online, SIY allows business owners to navigate the strategic steps and activate their own social media plan at their convenience.

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