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Stevie Angel

Kedron, SEQ

Recognising a gap in the market for activewear for women in a wider range of sizes, Stevie Angel and Nadia Tucker founded Active Truth. The business' large and loyal following says that Active Truth's products and philosophy gives them the confidence and motivation to strive for a healthy lifestyle.

My name is Stevie Angel, my company is Active Truth and I live in Brisbane.

Active Truth is a body positive activewear label that caters to and celebrates all women regardless of their shape, size or stage of life.

The reason we started Active Truth was because we believe many women were being underserved by the activewear market and that was both in the quality of products that they were offered but also the way that they were being represented.

My background’s in marketing and communications so I worked in the public service for about 15 years before I started Active Truth. When I started the business, I was actually working at Queensland Ambulance Service in a media role and worked there for the first year of our business doing Active Truth at night and on the weekends and then working in my day job during the week.

It’s great being my own boss. I find it really empowering to know that the decisions that I make and the work that I do every day directly impacts where the business goes and how far we can take it. I learn something new every single day that I'm at work and that was true from the day that we started the business and it will be true tomorrow.

Active Truth has a unique selling proposition: the company designs and manufacturers a range of female activewear catering to women of all shapes and sizes, from size 6 to 26, including maternity wear.

The business is disrupting the status quo within the activewear industry, where traditionally premium and stylish apparel is only made in a few sizes. Stevie's mission was to manufacture activewear that was inclusive of larger sizes and maternity styles, and she has generated a large and loyal social media following to back up her vision.

Displaying their entire range of products online, on models of all shapes and sizes with no digital enhancement, has generated a reputation of authenticity. Active Truth recognises that female consumers have diverse body shapes and they don't want to see only ultra-fit women wearing activewear. What they want to see is what the products will look like on them.

Supported by a number of celebrity endorsements and profiles in mainstream media, Active Truth has experienced solid, consistent growth since its inception. Stevie and Nadia both continued in full-time jobs as they grew the business, but now work solely on the company. Thanks to the growing demand, they have also employed a graduate and now manufacture out of 4 factories — 3 in Brisbane and 1 in Indonesia. They also engage experts and consultants to assist in manage the business, including bookkeepers, accountants, lawyers and graphic designers, helping Stevie and Nadia focus on the customers and products.

Keeping up with demand and managing cash flow has been their greatest challenge so far. Stevie and Nadia insist on overcoming these challenges to ensure Active Truth continues delivering the confidence and motivation to empower women to live healthy, active lifestyles.

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