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Steven Liddell

Banyo, SEQ

A qualified science teacher, Steven Liddell was concerned at the decreasing number of Queensland senior school students taking up science subjects. He decided to take his style of teaching science on tour to engage students and encourage them into further science-related study, and Street Science was born.

I'm Steve Liddell from Street Science in Banyo, North Brisbane. Street Science provides education for kids of all ages with cutting edge demonstrations, fireballs and a little bit of liquid nitrogen.

I just started to see the way that kids can learn in different environments. They were engaged in particular classroom settings, and sometimes disengaged in other environments. So by setting up Street Science what I thought I'd do is bring our way of educating kids to the different schools all around Queensland.

When you start to set up a small business, you're good at your trade, you know what you're doing, and for me, that's education. I can present some pretty amazing science demonstrations to teach kids, but when it comes to actually managing a business and recruiting and doing all that sort of stuff, then you really need people around you who can support you.

I like to think of our business as a nice big family, so everyone who comes in, we try to really support them and make them part of our family and, therefore, they're diving in, they're really committing to the business, and we're committing to look after them as well.

You do big hours, but you're making those choices and I suppose that business, as it grows, as it heads in different directions, you're the one steering that ship.

Steven had a vision to share his passion for science and bring it to life for primary and high school students. That would lead, he hoped, to more students studying science in school and beyond into university. To achieve this, Steven took science out of the classroom and on tour. Liddell Education's first production 'Science on the Road', was launched in Queen Street, Brisbane, and grew in popularity to become Street Science.

Today, Street Science regularly tours in major cities and regional districts around Queensland with scheduled tours into New South Wales and South Australia. Street Science has been a headline act at Australia's largest science festivals, including Queensland's National Science Week, World Science Festival, Sydney Science Festival and Science Alive! Street Science also represents Queensland University of Technology annually in their Extreme Science Van.

A 2017 finalist for Young Entrepreneurs Award for Brisbane and a 2018 Australian Small Business Champion Finalist, Steven's vision of bringing science to life for students has become a reality. His interactive and explosive shows and science workshops have been enjoyed by more than 100,000 Australian school students each year, as well as Australia's future scientists, entrepreneurs and business leaders. Steven's next step will be to bring Street Science to the world, with performances at World Science Festival New York in June 2018.

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