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Simone Lawrie

Rockhampton, Central Queensland (including Mackay/ Isaac/ Whitsunday)

When they recognised the need for gluten free treats for their gluten intolerant friends and family, Keely Roberts and Simone Lawrie started Artizan Gluten Free Bakery and set out to change the gluten-free world – 1 sausage roll at a time.

I'm Simone Lawrie, I'm one of the co-owners of Artizan Gluten Free Bakery, located in Rockhampton, Queensland.

Artizan Gluten Free Bakery is a speciality bakery, we bake 100% gluten free products that we distribute both retail and wholesale.

We are lucky enough to be able to employ 10 wonderful people in our team, without them our business would be nothing.

The feedback that we get from non-gluten free customers is that they simply feel better when they take wheat out of their diet. People are much more aware of their health and how food actually makes them feel.

So I'm very fortunate to have a wonderful business partner, Keely, we work together fantastically, and we bounce ideas off each other constantly. Our business is all about making life easier for people, so in the gluten free industry, I believe you need to be hands on in that business and listening to what the customers are wanting and needing, and what they've actually missed out on for a very long time.

With a friendship stretching over 20 years, Keely Roberts and Simone Lawrie have combined their skills to bring life to a unique start-up business. Although neither of the ladies are coeliac or gluten intolerant, they saw the need for gluten-free treats for their friends and family.

With their initial investment in second hand bakery equipment, Keely and Simone deliver 100% gluten-free goods at Artizan Gluten Free Bakery. Driven by their passion to help people, their niche business became a strong support for many people suffering the effects of wheat allergies. Sharing gluten-free treats has become an emotional and rewarding experience for the bakery, as they watch customers eat old favourites again or enjoy baked goods for the first time.

With over 70 delicious gluten-free product lines, Artizan are well on track to achieving their goal of becoming a world leader in gluten-free baked goods. Their products are now available in major franchise supermarkets, cafes, schools, service stations and the Rockhampton Airport. With the help from a Small Business Entrepreneur grant, Keely and Simone are looking to strengthen their business direction, expand operations online and look into opportunities to offer their products abroad.

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