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Shane Lui

Cairns, Far North Queensland

Strait Support is an Indigenous owned and managed business in Cairns which specialises in increasing Indigenous participation in the workforce. It achieves this by becoming a project partner with employers and provides mentoring for Indigenous employees.

My name is Shane Lui. I'm the Managing Director of Strait Support. We have offices in Cairns, Thursday Island, and Darnley Island in the Torres Strait.

Strait Support is a company that partners with reputable businesses to increase Indigenous participation in the workforce. We've been working with some regional councils throughout the area and some private firms. You can check us out on our website and have a look at who those people are, talk to them directly, and you will learn about what it is and how it is we do what we do.

My family has helped me out immensely along my journey. We have used the Back to Work grant to assist us in onboarding employees; it's really helped us out along the way to carry those costs of employing, onboarding, and paying that employee for a certain time.

What's rewarding for us here at Strait Support is that we get to contribute to people's livelihoods. We get to increase their wellbeing and their general purpose, and for us that's what Strait Support is really all about, making a difference.

Shane Lui, a proud Torres Strait Islander, created Strait Support by combining his experience and passion for civil construction with his desire to provide improved employment outcomes for his people. Strait Support creates strong employment pathways to help Indigenous workers succeed. From remote Darnley Island, Shane grew up with only the basic necessities and scarce opportunity. Despite this, Shane's determination saw him become an accomplished civil plant operator, and owned his own earthmoving business for a decade. Shane is also qualified in front line management and workplace health and safety.

It's this experience which has instilled in Shane the belief in himself and the moral responsibility to help people and their local communities. Establishing Strait Support, he now provides real employment opportunities for Indigenous people and encourages them to believe in themselves and succeed.

Strait Support achieves this by working with both business and employees. Their established network of local Queensland businesses are assisted to comply with Indigenous employment and training criteria. This creates a structured employment pathway for ongoing success with an employer.

Strait Support then works alongside the employee on the job, providing support, advice and guidance, and helping them achieve identified benchmarks and meet their employer's expectations. The mentoring that Strait Support provides gives their jobseekers the confidence and skills to maintain or gain permanent employment on their own.

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