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Shane Holding

Mission Beach, Far North Queensland

Once they found out a remote butchery in Far North Queensland was up for sale, Shane and Vanessa Holding jumped at the opportunity to purchase it and escape city life for a more relaxed pace. They work hard to maintain the reputation of Plum's Butchery and aim to give back as much as they receive from their Mission Beach community.

Hi, my name is Shane Holding. My business is Plum's Butchery, and we're based in North Mission up in Far North Queensland.

My business would be described as a small family owned butcher's shop, specialising in locally sourced, quality, fresh produce.

My previous boss was a very, very astute businessman, a very good butcher, and over the past 16 months since we bought this shop, he's been a really good mentor.

Being my own boss has some really good benefits. You can manage your time far more efficiently than working for someone. You get a satisfaction when you finish your day; you go home, and you know you've done your best and your customers go away happy.

We have made use of a few of the grants that were available. For instance, when we took on our apprentice we had a grant which was available for, firstly, taking on an apprentice, and secondly, in a rural area, and there was a Back to Work Youth Boost available, which we took on board and that proved really beneficial to the company and managed just to get us through some quiet times and go forward.

Shane and Vanessa Holding took over a small butchery in Mission Beach in 2016 after leaving the hustle and bustle of Sydney life. Their love for the area and desire to raise their children with a more relaxed pace was the push they needed to move their family to remote Far North Queensland. With Vanessa's local upbringing and Shane's experience in the butchering industry, the opportunity to purchase Plum's Butchery was the perfect fit.

Listening to customer feedback and adjusting the business accordingly have been vital to their success. While they have retained the local favourites, Plum's Butchery also expanded their product range, adding new lines and flavours to keep their customers tantalised. They now offer a wide range of quality meats, handmade sausages, oven-ready meals, eggs, bread, milk and local specialty products.

Giving back to the community is important to Shane and Vanessa. With jobs scarce in remote areas, they were eager to provide a local with the opportunity to gain a trade and took on their first apprentice in 2017. The butchery also often donates prizes to local events.

As they continue looking for ways to improve, Plum's Butchery always put customer satisfaction at the forefront of everything they do. Delivering quality products and good old-fashioned service and advice is the key to their continued growth and the ongoing support of their local community.

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