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Ryan Moody

Cardwell, Far North Queensland
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After taking royalty and rock stars fishing during his many years operating a successful fishing charter business, Ryan Moody decided to swap the water for the web. Ryan's online fishing courses are helping people from all around the world learn the secrets of fishing from his home in Far North Queensland.

Hi, I'm Ryan Moody, founder of and we're based in Far North Queensland.

I'd describe my business as an online fishing tool for anglers, and we help them catch more fish in less time and that makes them fish a lot smarter instead of harder.

When it comes to my business experience, I did spend 30 years in the charter fishing industry, and about 27 of those years were with my own business.

In the last 4 or 5 years we've had to learn a lot of new things with marketing and all that kind of stuff, so I guess the last 5 years I've really grown as a business person.

When it comes to business grants, we have received some from the Queensland Government, mainly the Mentoring for Growth and Digi grants. Both of them have helped us learn and grow our business and very worthwhile.

I think the barramundi is so revered by Australian fisherman because they've always been there as that brilliant sport fish that jumps, that looks good, they're a beautiful, big silver fish. People from all around the country tow their boats north to catch them. I don't think there's a more iconic fish in the country.

As Ryan Moody tells it, he had to be 'dragged kicking and screaming' into the boat on his first fishing trip with his father when he was 3. He loved it so much he then had to be dragged kicking and screaming out of it! Since then, Ryan's love affair with the ocean and fishing has not waned. He has so far put clients onto 2000 massive metre-plus saltwater barramundi, trophy reef fish and numerous thousand-pound marlin in him impressive fishing career. He is also regular contributor to leading Australian fishing publications and radio shows and had the honour of landing some of the largest saltwater barramundi caught on Australian television.

Sadly, Ryan's close friend passed away from skin cancer and after nearly 3 decades on the water running a successful fishing charter business, it was time for Ryan to get out of the sun himself. That was the genesis of his online fishing tutorials. His signature course is the world’s first step-by-step online fishing guide on where and how to catch the legendary Australian barramundi.

Ryan's online tutorials have since helped students land hundreds of metre-plus saltwater barramundi and his online teaching philosophy of 'fish smarter not harder' has won him a legion of fishing fans worldwide. Along with his wife Karen, Ryan now works full-time on Ryan Moody Fishing, creating a series of online fishing courses for a range of fish species caught around Australia and the world.

Ryan and Karen worked from scratch to learn about managing a website, social media marketing and visual production, and have completed over 20 online training courses to update their skills and knowledge. They acknowledge they've made some mistakes along the way, including 'paying a fortune' for a customer management system that was too complicated to use! By learning from mistakes and acknowledging the amazing community of fishing enthusiasts who support the business, Ryan and Karen are looking to keep growing into the future.

With the business almost completely online, Ryan Moody Fishing can continue to showcase the Queensland coast and islands to an international audience, from wherever they park their game boat and on water caravan 'Mood Swings'.

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