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Ross Naddei

Brisbane, SEQ

After a fruitless global search for a standardised solution to long-life automotive batteries, Megapulse spent 4 years developing their own battery conditioner. Today, their Generation 5 battery conditioners are leading products in the off the shelf batteries market, dramatically reducing the rate of electrical failure.

My name is Ross Naddei, my company is Megapulse Australia and I live in Brisbane.

We manufacture a dual pulse technology which significantly reduces battery degradation. Our technology stops the battery from degrading and therefore alleviates a whole lot of downline electrical system failures.

We designed, developed the technology and in fact, we even manufacture it right here in Brisbane. We have seen an increase in our customers purchasing our technology for the environmental benefit and in fact, this was the main reason why Volvo, Sweden proceeded to install 100,000 of our units on their commercial vehicles because it has the ability to keep batteries out of the recycling loop, 2 to 3 times longer and therefore reduces the impact of lead on our environment.

Being my own boss is amazing, I absolutely love it, I don’t think I could do it any other way, I love flying my own ship, I love solving problems on a day to day basis, I don’t like the stress but overall, I love flying my own ship.

Prior to the development of their Generation 1 battery conditioner in 1997, Megapulse had been a regular wholesale and retail supplier of standard automotive batteries. After 2 years in business, some customers were complaining their batteries were failing. As a solution, batteries incorporating the latest technology were imported from overseas, but these too could fail. With customers paying a higher price for the imported batteries, this was not acceptable.

The company spent a year searching globally for a solution, but still could not find a standardised, ready-made automotive battery which was immune from failure or degradation. Taking matters into their own hands, they developed one themselves. Realising an electrochemical solution was the answer, Megapulse spent the next 4 years researching and developing their own electrochemical battery conditioner.

In 1997, their Generation 1 battery conditioner was launched and further development and refinement has seen them release their Generation 5 battery a decade later. It was the only automotive battery on the global market with a 10 year warranty.

Verified by vendors in the automotive industry, Megapulse battery conditioners have been tested in more than 150,000 trucks across Europe. After more than 7 years of field trials, Megapulse battery conditioners have increased average battery life and decreased electrical failures while reducing battery turnover and its effect on the environment.

Megapulse's aim for the future is to become the industry leader in their target markets of Australia, Europe and the United States. They're already establishing contacts with distributors across Europe, and have opened an office in the United States. Attending trade shows has been their primary way of accessing new markets and distributors.

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