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Roderick Martin

Everton Park, SEQ

Originally founded as an elite sports clinic, GO2 Health has evolved into one of Queensland’s leading medical and allied healthcare clinics for Australian Defence Force (ADF) veterans. Alongside a cohort of private patients, more than 1000 ADF veterans rely on GO2 Health for their rehabilitation and wellbeing.

My name’s Rod Martin, my company is GO2 Health and I live in Brisbane.

So I started at Adelaide University. I did a science degree, biological sciences. I then really got involved at karate at a very high level, was competing and teaching around the world. I went and did an acupuncture and Chinese medicine degree and then came back to, I guess, healthcare as a holistic process and I knew that every part of healthcare played a role in the development and perfection of a human being.

The clinic was originally set up as an elite sport clinic knowing that the model around elite sports people is actually what suits everybody and not just elite sports people. We recognise the enormous need around not only chronic pain, but all the psychological difficulties that some of our return veterans have. So the veteran care process really started to grow at GO2. I’d seen a lot of practice where you had medical in one corner, you had a physio in another corner, a psychologist in another corner but nothing that really worked together so GO2 Health is an attempt to really pull everyone together for patient care.

The high levels of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), divorce, chronic pain, mental health issues, substance abuse and suicide in modern ADF veterans has been well documented. As a result, numerous veteran support organisations have been established to draw attention to, and raise funds for this difficult situation. GO2 Health focuses on the individual ADF veteran and the day-to-day care they, and their families, require to get well. Led by Roderick Martin and ex-Army GP Dr Kieran McCarthy, word has quickly spread through the veteran grapevine that they can get looked after in one place of safety. GO2 Health provides treatment for a large and growing group of ADF veterans and their families.

With his military background and extensive operational experience, GO2 Health understand what veterans have experienced and what they require to heal. His focus is to improve and reinvigorate veterans so they are ‘upgraded back into life’. Care, vocational focus, education and empowerment, and significantly reducing the risk of self-harm and suicide, underpin the team’s treatment.

GO2 Health has more than 30 healthcare professionals under one roof and is supported by a number of experienced doctors and nurses. These professionals provide medical, physiotherapy, psychology, dietetics and nutrition, exercise physiology, clinical pilates, remedial massage and Chinese medicine services. With an increasing need to support ADF veterans, GO2 Health is on the cutting edge of outcome driven, patient-centred care.

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