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Petina Tieman

Cairns City, Far North Queensland

Going from adversity to triumph has ensured that Petina Tieman and Paul Gear, founders of Complete Business Solutions (QLD),  maintain a strong sense of humanity. Despite the success of their small business consultancy service, they still find time to provide services pro-bono to struggling small businesses and other disadvantaged members of the Queensland business community.

My name is Petina Tieman, our business is Complete Business Solutions, and we're based in Cairns.

I'd describe my business in 1 sentence as identifying and fixing the pain points in small business by equipping business owners with tools, skills, and knowledge.

The best way to learn about our line of work is to take the opportunity of a 1 hour free mentoring session or a free consultation.

Our management style is through leading by example and education and empowerment. We love to grow and build people as we grow ourselves.

We've been helped out along the way by accessing various government resources and being part of various networking groups throughout the state. In the last 13 months alone we have written over 160 government grants and secured more than 4 million dollars of funding for small businesses, mostly across Queensland.

Many start‑ups and small businesses cannot typically afford the benefits of coaches or consultants, so now we're actually working on a business model where we teach grant writing workshops, and we are also teaching coaches and consultants around the country how to help promote government grants to their clients.

I would never swap my job for a normal 9 to 5 role ever again. I love what I do for a living.

Petina Tieman and Paul Gear know what it is like to fail and lose nearly everything. Faced with the option of bankruptcy after the failure of 2 home-based businesses, the pair chose instead to learn from their mistakes, utilise their complementary skills and rebuild with a new business.

After paying down substantial debt and with little capital or fanfare, Complete Business Solutions (QLD) was created. With a primary focus on grant writing, the business wrote over 100 successful government grants and 7 tender applications in its first year. This secured more than $2.3 million for their clients — Queensland start-ups and small businesses just like them.

Expanding its service offering to marketing, mentoring, strategic planning and management systems and enabling another 14 clients to win tenders and work contracts. They also worked to gain certification from the Local Government Association of Queensland and Supply Nation.

Petina and Paul pride themselves on providing quality and affordable professional services, complemented by their 'can-do now' attitude for clients. This has rewarded the business with rapid growth opportunities, plus community recognition and multiple awards.

Despite their rapid growth and business success, the founders of Complete Business Solutions (QLD) have never forgotten what it's like on the other side of success. Proudly a 100% Indigenous owned business and an integral part of the Cairns business community, Petina and Paul provide their time and expertise for free to help struggling businesses, the disadvantaged and the homeless in Cairns.

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