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Paula Burgess

Kippa-Ring, SEQ

Paula Burgess decided to do something when she saw a gap in the market for support for people with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD). She created a dedicated network and support group for parents of children with ADHD.

My name is Paula, I'm from Beyond The Maze and I'm from Brisbane.

Beyond The Maze is a ADHD coaching and virtual assistant business and we assist parents with children with ADHD, children with ADHD and entrepreneurs with ADHD.

It started with my son who was diagnosed with ADHD at around the age of 4 and I just found a need for support for parents living with ADHD and their children. We’re a team of mostly mums as well and we provide a flexible environment for all our staff.

I would have definitely brought on a business coach a lot earlier and asked for more help rather than trying to fumble my way through doing it myself.

Aligning yourself with somebody who is further along the business with you is unbelievable, it's really good to have that mentor along the way, not just 1 or 2, but just a few people you can be in touch with and get that guidance when they're further along the journey than you are.

Paula previously worked full-time in the financial planning industry. When her 4-year-old son started experiencing behavioural issues, Paula knew right away she would need to be there to support him through school. She spent the next year setting up an online virtual assistant business to support financial planners, so she could work flexibly from home. The business grew quickly after some marketing, and Paula was able to hire extra staff and contractors.

When her son was diagnosed with ADHD, the direction of Paula’s business changed forever. She searched for support groups for parents with children with ADHD like her, and found nothing. She realised there was a massive gap in support for these parents and decided to start her own network.

Paula became a qualified ADHD coach and, while still providing virtual assistant services, she created Beyond the Maze to offer support, coaching and advocacy for anyone affected by ADHD. Beyond the Maze now consists of a team of 8 in a commercial premises, offering free support groups, webinars, coaching sessions and conferences in various states. Paula provides free talks to daycare centres and schools about ADHD and frequently travels overseas and interstate for conferences to keep up to date with the latest ADHD research.

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