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Natasha Mary

Brisbane, SEQ

The concept for Tasteful Transitions came when Natasha Mary and Michelle Benton attended the funeral of an elderly neighbour. They were upset at the limited visual representation of such a colourful and interesting man. Deciding that everyone deserves more for their final farewell, Tasteful Transitions was created to specialise in funeral slideshows, photography, video and live stream.

Hi, my name’s Natasha Mary. I work in Tasteful Transitions and we service the greater Brisbane area.

Tasteful Transitions offers funeral live streaming and videography as well as life story slide shows for memorial and funeral services.

Tasteful Transitions operates as a partnership and we find this works incredibly well. Michelle is from a mental health nursing background so between that and my fine arts background and photography and wedding photography, we come in as a pair so we try and actually then listen to what they need and then reflect their person back to them.

The bonus of owning our own company is having the ability to reflect the client’s needs quicker. What we really love is if we can make the slide show for the family and then they get us in to video it and while we are standing there watching the slide show that we created for the family, if we can hear them having a laugh or a giggle and then a few tears or clap at the end, we know we’ve reflected who their person was back at them and for us, that’s just awe inspiring.

One of the greatest challenges for Natasha and Michelle is offering a product few clients realise they require. Operating in a relatively new market, Tasteful Transitions produce an online memorial gallery containing photo life stories of the deceased. They offer both online live streaming and video recordings of funeral services to connect family and friends who are unable to attend on the day.

To make customers aware of their unique service, Tasteful Transitions has forged alliances with leading funeral directors across South East Queensland. Personalisation, and the ability to offer specialised bespoke services, provides the funeral directors with a point of difference for their clients. This relationship has served as the company’s most valuable marketing tool, along with referrals by word-of-mouth from either a funeral director or a former client.

Excellent customer service is the hallmark of all successful small businesses, but in the funeral industry it is taken to another level. Tasteful Transitions, who regularly assess their competition, believe they are setting the gold standard for service, quality, compassion and understanding in Queensland’s funeral industry.

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