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Murray Saylor

Woolloongabba, SEQ

Proud of its Torres Strait Islander traditions and heritage, Tagai Management Consultants specialises in procurement and supply chain, business advisory, and community development services in Australia and the Asia-Pacific region. They help businesses improve sustainability and growth, and facilitate Indigenous community development.

My name is Murray Saylor and I'm from Tagai Management Consultants in Brisbane.

Tagai Management Consultants, it's 100 percent Indigenous owned business, I'm specialising in procurement supply chain, business advisory and community development services both here in Australia and also in the Asia-Pacific region.

My background is Torres Strait Islander, my family is from the only island in the Eastern part of the Torres Strait, very, very proud. Before I started Tagai Management Consultants and founded the company, I was working for about 20 years in a mixture of federal and state government here in Queensland and also working for Rio Tinto and Anglo-American Coal in procurement supply chain roles.

Typical customers for Tagai Management Consultants can stem from corporate members, all levels of government, of community members, whether they be community customers, even if they are Indigenous or non-Indigenous. Primarily within a diversity sector from that level.

I've got children who now have a way of going and looking up to someone and going, you know my dad can do it, my family is doing exactly the same thing and now it's about empowerment, not just from a commercial perspective but how you actually give back to your community is a big value driver for me.

Tagai Management Consultants was named after the Tagai constellation. According to Torres Strait Islander culture and lore, Tagai tells the story of a great fisherman and provides guidance for sea navigation, changing seasons and daily life.

Like Tagai, Murray Saylor guides businesses by providing professional advice and services particularly within procurement and community engagement. He started Tagai Management Consultants as a means to share knowledge and facilitate empowering partnerships between people, communities and business.

Combined with Murray's extensive experience as a supply chain and procurement professional in the mining sector, Tagai Management Consultants brings a strong perspective of Indigenous knowledge systems to traditional procurement and professional services.

Murray has contributed to state and federal government strategic Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander policy and program initiatives, including working with remote Queensland Aboriginal and Torres Strait communities.

The business has grown through Murray's focus on providing a flexible and quality service, valuing customers and working hard to market the business through social media and by being physically visible in the business services marketplace.

Murray plans to expand his business in the near future into other intrastate and interstate locations, both cities and remote communities, to continue creating valued commercial and social outcomes.

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