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Michelle Murphy

Michelle Murphy Accounting
Saunders Beach, North Queensland (including north west)

Michelle Murphy admires the motivation, skill, dedication and adaptability of small business owners. She left a large multinational accounting firm and set up her own accounting firm to focus on better serving the needs of other small businesses.

Hi, I'm Michelle Murphy, I own and manage Michelle Murphy Accounting, located in Townsville.

I'm a sole practitioner Chartered Accountant so I look after small to medium enterprises.

Typically in a regional centre like this, it's 'mum and dad' businesses, husband and wife businesses. My clients give me inspiration every day. I have a huge amount of respect for small business people, they've got to be inspirational themselves to their staff, they have a vision, they have a passion, they want to be out there trying to do their own thing, make their own money.

In a service industry, being available is really important. Small business people, they want to be able to contact you, they want to be able to phone you and ask you questions without feeling silly.

I absolutely love it. Like I said, I've been doing it for 13 years. It has really served me well in having the flexibility to be able to run off and do things if I have to for the kids. It gives you that life balance that everybody is looking for.

After starting her career as an accountant in a small business, Michelle Murphy left after 6 years to join one of the largest accounting firms in the world. During her 8 years there, Michelle realised she missed serving small business, where her real passion lay. She decided to start her own accounting firm specifically targeting small business.

As a small accounting firm serving other small businesses in the Townsville region, Michelle’s home-based business allows her to spend more time at her clients' premises. With only 1 other employee, she still answers the phone and responds to emails promptly. Clients enjoy their accessibility to Michelle, knowing they can call or email at any time and get a quick response from her.

With specialised tax laws introduced for small business, Michelle prides herself on her expert advice and ability to easily explain complex tax issues. Her client base has grown predominantly through word of mouth, and Michelle's commitment to service ensures a high level of satisfaction from both her referrers and her new clients.

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