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Michael Mundey

Guanaba, SEQ

A proudly Indigenous family-owned business, Sports Turf Services specialises in constructing and maintaining innovative sports turf solutions. Mick and his father Max have constructed and managed turf services across South East Queensland for over 15 years.

Hi, my name is Michael Mundey. My business is Sports Turf Services and we're based on the Gold Coast.

Our business is a comprehensive green space provider. We provide services from landscape and turf construction and maintenance, through to large area revegetation projects.

I'm originally from the bush; I grew up on a dairy farm. I started by apprenticeship as a greenkeeper many years ago and then that led into what we do now. We currently employ 10 full time employees.

Advice and inspiration mainly comes from my family. I bounce ideas off my wife, my father, my son. I was successful in getting a grant for business development; we're currently going through that process right now. We got the grant and it's to help us get our company certified. Thanks to the grant we can actually go through that process and do it now. So, yeah, they're great ideas.

I'm sitting here looking out the window now, and I'm actually looking at the turf outside going, oh, maybe we should do that.

A family-owned and operated indigenous business, Sports Turf Services was created by Mick Mundey, a qualified greenkeeper, and his father Max. Mick recognised a gap in specialised turf construction and renovation services for sporting venues in South East Queensland. What started as a 2 man operation grew to 15 full-time staff operating in 2 states. During the difficulties of the global financial crisis, Mick realised the business needed to streamline their operations to remain viable. Reworking their structure and target audience opened up opportunities to a much larger market than before and expanding now into commercial landscaping.

Over a decade and a half, their solid reputation has been built on high-quality turf and landscape surfaces. In that time, the company has gained invaluable practical and technical expertise to support a wide variety of clients. The company also partners with agronomists and engineers to ensure the very best design and performance of the sporting fields and landscapes they create and manage.

Sports Turf Services has built an extensive inventory of construction and maintenance machinery for the sports turf and landscape industry. The company has introduced innovative maintenance methods and the machinery to achieve this across numerous specialised projects, often sourcing and supplying machinery for clients who would never otherwise had access to this specialised equipment.

Customer service remains key to everything the company does. Despite their growth, Sports Turf Services' clients maintain a direct line of communication to Mick, just as they did from day 1.

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