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Mark Power

Fortitude Valley, SEQ

Goodwill Projects have been responsible for establishing some of Brisbane's most well-known, vibrant markets. The dedicated team of events professionals behind the business are self-proclaimed 'space activators', helping individuals with an idea or passion launch their own businesses.

My name is Mark Power, my business is Goodwill Projects, and we are based in Fortitude Valley in Brisbane.

The best way to describe my business is we're essentially an event management company that hosts a number of weekly farmers markets throughout Brisbane. The best way to learn about my line of work would be to come along to one of our festivals or particularly one of our farmers markets, get involved, be hands on, and see how it functions.

It's great to be my own boss because you get to see the outcomes of all the effort you put in every day.

We haven't yet looked into small business resources but that's something that’s come up on our management radar.

One of the most outlandish requests we have ever received, which is a big mixture, is a hoola hoop festival, from a large corporation here in Brisbane, but we always enjoy those, they’re the fun ones.

Goodwill Projects are the team behind some of Brisbane's most well-known and loved markets. When Mark Power noticed a shortage of quality local markets that focused on customer experience, he decided to make a change. Starting out with the Nundah Farmers Markets, Goodwill Projects have grown to include an array of early bird and breakfast markets through to artisan and farmers markets.

In all of their events and markets, Goodwill Projects concentrates on booking high-quality vendors, ensuring variety, freshness and quality facilities. Now operating 6 regular markets across South East Queensland, they've expanded into events and 'space activation' – turning empty areas into vibrant pop-up events. Partnering with both the public and private sector to develop new concepts, they have diversified their services and increased their workforce to keep up with demand.

Goodwill Projects provide the venue for other skilled and passionate people to pursue their business dreams and launch their products to the world, without the challenges and cost of a traditional shop front or long-term contracts. Their reputation and social media following ensures stallholders will have an immediate audience for their products or services.

Brisbane’s vibrant and dynamic market scene has been the starting place for some of the city's best known fashion designers, chefs, bakers and craftspeople. Providing a platform to support local producers, Goodwill Projects are dedicated to delivering a fresh food and produce theme through all their markets. After more than a decade in business, Goodwill Projects has a database of more than 5,000 small business owners.

The team prides themselves on superior customer service to their vendors. Using an online stall holder management system, they have increased market facilities and provided sites for local charities free of charge. Goodwill Projects aim to significantly enhance the market experience for both buyer and seller.

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