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Louise Broekman

Cleveland, SEQ

When Louise Broekman needed strategic business advice and support for her enterprise, she established an advisory board with 3 trusted and highly-qualified advisors. This board was valuable in helping Louise’s business through its entire life cycle, and spawned the concept for the Advisory Board Centre.

Hi, my name is Louise Broekman, I'm from the Advisory Board Centre, and we're based in Brisbane.

Advisory Board Centre is all about advisory boards. So we specialise in developing and managing advisory boards for Australian businesses.

I started my first business when I was 19, bought up in North Queensland. We lost pretty much everything as a family; we were hit by a cyclone, I couldn't find a job and I couldn't afford to go to university, so that was my best option is to start my first business, and it was fantastic doing that.

We have a small team of employees; there's 4 of us in our central business model, and we support 130 specialists around Australia, Singapore, and in Shanghai.

The Queensland Government has been instrumental in some of the key changes that we've had in the business, from the Mentoring for Growth when we launched our software package in the market, we ended up having thousands of business using that, through to our exploring international markets. The Queensland Government opened their offices in the UK to support us with our growth in that territory, so I encourage anybody to use the Queensland Government grants. It was certainly was highly effective for us.

As a small business owner, Louise knows how isolating the entrepreneurial journey can be. Seeking external strategic support for her business, Louise established an advisory board with 3 trusted and highly-qualified advisors. The advisory board helped guide her business, from growing in the domestic market and developing an international strategy, through to forming an exit strategy.

After leaving the business, Louise moved to consulting work, helping other entrepreneurs and organisations seeking advice and guidance. She felt something was missing, and realised that ad hoc consulting was just a temporary solution. These businesses needed the ongoing support and focus that her own advisory board had provided for her.

In 2012, Louise developed the Advisory Board Centre to support Australian entrepreneurs and businesses to establish their own structured and cost-effective advisory boards. The centre has partnered with more than 100 highly-qualified and experienced advisors and business experts. With a results-oriented approach, clients benefit from the skills, experience and contacts of these partners to support quality, strategic decision making across their enterprise.

The Advisory Board Centre is now launching programs aimed specifically at advancing women in business, supporting more women to step forward into leadership roles at a board level. The core function of the Advisory Board Centre still remains the same: to create robust, sustainable Australian businesses, leading to increased employment and stronger communities.

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