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Leslie Hanson

Upper Kandanga, Wide Bay-Burnett

Smart Sinks was created by identifying a solution for a plumbing problem which is out of sight and out of mind, until it fails: clogged drains. In the process, a significant environmental issue with contaminated waste water was solved.

Leslie Hanson, Smart Sinks, Sunshine Coast.

Smart Sinks is a chemical free waste water management tool that separates solids from water.

It comes in 2 models, a bench mounted which is used in labs generally, but schools could have it to, and then we have the wheelie bin model that's used for tradies and it recycles water, so it's great for our environment.

Our management style is very hands on at this stage; we're very approachable. We've used people like Advance Queensland, and been to workshop days on start-up businesses. Whenever we see things that pop up that we think would enhance our business, we go and have a listen and take up what we can.

We had a fellow at a demonstration we were doing goes, "I work in a zoo and I breed flies and we waste so much water." He goes, "Going through your wheelie bin would give us the benefit of saving the water, but collecting what we need and just use it over and over."

Smart Sinks not only solves the problems of clogged sinks and drains, but significantly reduces environmental stress caused by contaminated waste water. The business has developed stainless steel sink filtration systems which collect particles, plaster and sediment from waste water. Waste is collected via 3 disposable bags, preventing contaminated water from entering the water system. Smart Sinks helps to cut high ongoing maintenance costs of plumbers unblocking clogged drains and pipes.

Smart Sinks' bench mounted model has been tested and approved by a number of Australia's state government water authorities. It has been implemented by various government and university institutions in Queensland and Western Australia.

Smart Sinks aims to revolutionise the way waste water is managed. Aiming for growth, they have the potential to reach production and employment levels on a whole new scale. Facing the challenges of an ever-changing business environment, they are embracing social media and networking platforms, as well as good old-fashioned customer service, to spread the word about their innovative product.

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