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Kym Smith

Coolum Beach, SEQ

Kym Smith wanted to use only environmentally friendly, chemical-free cleaning products in her home but found them difficult to source. Researching traditional cleaning methods led to the development of a range of environmentally friendly cleaning products and OurEco Clean began.

I'm Kym Smith, and I'm from OurEco Clean. We've got an amazing range of environmentally friendly products that we manufacture here at the Sunshine Coast.

Describing OurEco would be going back to basics is the way forward. It was an amazing learning curve from setting up the business to setting up websites. I had to basically hit the ground and run.

Being my own boss is tiring but rewarding. When you get feedback from customers and they're telling you they love your product and how it's changed their life, it's something that I can't even put into words.

We have actually used the R&D grant as well. That has been a major benefit for us as a company to have access to something like that.

When OurEco first started people were worrying about organic food and skin care, a cleaning product wasn't something people were even giving thought to, and now, everybody's fully aware of what am I using around my child, what am I using around my pet? What am I using on myself to clean with? We need to use something that is good for us, good for our environment. What we use goes straight out into the environment. And great around pets and children as well.

Wanting to use only environmentally friendly, chemical-free cleaning products in her own home, Kym began researching traditional cleaning methods. Finding it difficult to source ready-made products, she quickly realised she would have to go back to basics. Using a variety of natural ingredients like bicarbonate of soda, citric acid and Australian botanical oils, such as lemon myrtle, Kym developed a range of 9 natural, chemical-free cleaning products which clean every surface in the home, have a natural Australian bush fragrance, repel insects and aren't harmful to humans or the environment.

Sold online and in leading community conscious retailers across Australia, OurEco Clean products are now being exported. Kym's dream, to rid Australian homes of harmful cleaning chemicals, is being realised as her customer base grows. What started in Kym Smith's garage in 2012 has quickly grown into a busy factory, creating jobs in regional Queensland.

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