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Kristen Goldup

Brisbane City, SEQ

The Local Tickets concept came about when owner Kristen Goldup was eating a pie in a bakery in North Queensland. She was unable to find a small to medium-sized ticketing agency for a regional Queensland festival, so she created her own.

Hi, my name’s Kristen Goldup, founding Director and CEO of Local Tickets. We’re based here in Brisbane and we operate all over Australia.

Our business in one sentence is that we've built an Australian network of local ticketing websites, from Darwin Tickets in the north, right down to Launceston Tickets in the south.

The best way to learn about event ticketing, I think, is just to have some general event experience, whether that's volunteering on a committee and just being involved in some logistics and organising, it give you a good grass roots around the events tourism industry.

When I first started Local Tickets I had a few years business experience from my PR agency. We have had the opportunity to work with the Queensland Government. We were very grateful when we very first started, we got onto the Mentoring for Growth program. It was a great way to probably define what we were doing and get some important advice.

Would I swap for a 9 to 5 role? Most days, no. Sometimes, yes, depending on how hard the day is. But, no, absolutely not. I’ve been running my own business for over 11 years now and I do enjoy it. I enjoy the creativity and I love taking ownership and seeing things come to life, so probably not. But ask me in 5 years' time.

Kristen Goldup, the creator of Local Tickets, was running her own public relations agency when a client asked for her help securing a ticketing agency for a regional event. Kristen's search for a suitable solution was in vain – all the existing ticketing agencies were too large for her client. She couldn't find a mid-sized agency which was the right fit for the festival, so Local Tickets was born.

Kristen's first step was to register over 20 regional ticketing domain names, so that every Queensland region had their own community branded ticketing website. The single platform behind the websites was designed as a one-stop community ticketing shop. Local Tickets' online interface needed to be user-friendly, because many of their clients are volunteers with no ticketing experience. It has been designed to empower event organisers with simple, transparent and cost-effective technology, as well as reduce workloads, provide real time reports and drive event ticketing revenue to the bottom line.

When Local Tickets sold a quarter of the business to an independent Australian media company, the business had access to more than 50 regional radio stations across Australia. Local Tickets now sells thousands of tickets all over Australia and has expanded beyond online ticketing to offer door ticketing, ticket scanning, printed tickets and event marketing services.

Like all good business ideas, competition is never far away. When it was created, Local Tickets was a pioneer in the small to medium ticketing agency space. Today, the company faces global competition. Success has come by remaining true to its clients and by continuing to offer exceptional, personalised customer service. Likewise, Local Tickets has remained true to their Queensland owned and operated suppliers, from IT development, graphic design, social media, printing suppliers and couriers. Proudly a small business, Local Tickets hope to explore exporting options through international licensing in the future.

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