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Korryn Haines

Forest Lake, SEQ

As an increasing number of businesses outsource their administration, the virtual assistant sector is a growth area of the Australian economy. Korryn Haines, founder of Encore Admin Consulting, is delighted to be part of that growth.

My name is Korryn Haines, I am the owner of Encore Admin Consulting and I'm a virtual assistant based in Brisbane.

I had very little business experience personally when I started. I was temping at the time and met my first client and she pretty much said, come and do admin here and there for me as a sub-contractor, and that just planted the seed and I've grown a client base of about 5 permanent clients and 10 ad hoc clients since then.

You learn so much more in your own business very quickly. Having a young family, that has been my really big driver in being mindful of the clients and the work that I take on. It's good to have everything in place to start with but learning to run with it, because that's the nature of small business is probably something I'd do differently and not being so tied up in the small details.

It took 3 major events in the course of 1 year for Korryn Haines to drastically change her future: her father passed away from cancer, she was made redundant and she gave birth to her first child. After 9 months searching for and completing temp work via an agency, she had a revelation.

When a temp agency asked her to work slower so they could receive more commission, Korryn realised there was a much more cost effective way for small business to obtain quality, ad hoc administrative assistance.

A connection made at a business networking meeting led to Korryn's first permanent client and she has since built Encore Admin Consulting around 4 permanent clients and 10 ad hoc clients. With the birth of her second child, her business provides her with the flexibility to raise her young family.

Korryn's ability to meet her client's requirements, often outside of traditional business hours, is highly valued by her clients. She brings her skills and knowledge to their businesses with a fresh perspective. Her work as a virtual assistant has driven a thirst for knowledge and learning about technology and business processes and Korryn is proud to be part of the virtual assistant sector, which offers a huge pool of skills to small businesses that they would not previously had access to.

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