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Kerri Abbott

Buderim, SEQ
Health Care and Social Assistance

Identifying a business niche, providing personalised service and seeking out sound advice from the outset have been the keys to Kerri Abbott’s business success. With an overwhelming amount of competition, Kerri used her knowledge of women’s health to specialise her practice and tailor her services to attract a loyal client base.

Hi, I’m Kerri Abbott, from Naturally Into Health, located in Buderim on the Sunshine Coast.

We are a natural health clinic so we solve people’s health problems naturally.

My background, interestingly enough, is a vet nurse; I dealt with diseases in dogs and cats and realised that a lot of them stem from nutrition.

I don’t have employees as such, but I rent out my rooms to another three different natural health practitioners so we can offer a holistic service to our clients.

My management style is probably quite casual but I do like to guide my colleagues in a way that they can solve their own problems and take on responsibility for themselves.

I had very little business experience; I was a great naturopath, but very little business. I participated in a smarty grants program and was given the help of a lawyer, accountant, financial planner, and they set me up on the right path to start with which was valuable.

I absolutely love being my own boss, it’s the best thing. I’ve got five children so it allows me time to spend time with them when I need to.

Kerri Abbott chose to establish her own business when the naturopath she was working for closed his doors. Unable to afford to buy him out or rent her own rooms, Kerri established her practice in a room at her home.

Kerri knew from the start she faced stiff competition starting a naturopathy business on the Sunshine Coast. With many other practices in operation, she needed a clear point of difference and set up her practice to specialise in women’s health and hormones. This proved a smart decision and has attracted a large number of female clients to her practice.

After applying for and receiving a business grant, Kerri was able to build a website and seek expert advice from a business mentor. This advice helped Kerri grow her practice over 3 years from having 1 regular client to now seeing around 35 clients a week. During this time Kerri tried developing online naturopath programs, but quickly realised her clients valued the personal, face-to-face contact she could provide. She continues to make this the focus of her business to personally empower her clients help them achieve better health.

Kerri knew it was time to look at expanding when she realised her personalised service was putting a cap on business revenue. After moving to dedicated business premises, she now employs 3 other practitioners and is working towards casually employing yoga, pilates and meditation instructors. She also plans to employ further staff over the next year and establish a small retail offering to help offset the cost of wages.

Keen to give back after receiving valuable business advice and support when she started out, Kerri is volunteering for a mentoring program to help young naturopaths establish their own business.

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