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Kelly Robinson

Currumbin Waters, SEQ

Gold Coast Graphic Design is a boutique design agency helping other small businesses start out and launch their dream enterprise. In an industry full of competitors, Kelly Robinson and her staff build their agency’s reputation on ensuring complete client satisfaction.

Hi, I’m Kelly Robinson from Gold Coast Graphic Design, and we’re located on the Gold Coast in Queensland.

Gold Coast Graphic Design does exactly that, graphic design for small to medium businesses. The best way to learn about graphic design would be to maybe visit a local institution and talk to a careers counsellor or maybe even just Google and have a look at what we do.

My background before I was a graphic designer was I was a jillaroo working on a farm. I left home quite young.

I have seven employees, all quite young, under the age of 30. Lovely young kids, I got them on their graduation, and a really good young team.

I’ve had quite a lot of help; mentors, other businesses, I’m also in a local networking group, which is really quite helpful.

The definition of a typical customer would be someone starting a business who is needing help with their branding, marketing, website, or even people that have had businesses for quite a while and maybe didn’t value it at the start but have a little bit more money now and they’ve learnt that it is quite important.

Kelly Robinson’s only work experience before starting Gold Coast Graphic Design was as a jillaroo. Knowing that line of work wouldn’t allow her to look after her daughter, she took a TAFE career test which saw her life and career path change dramatically. After 4 years of design study which saw her topping the state for her work, Kelly launched her business. It began, like so many others, on the kitchen table at home. Today, the business employs 6 designers and will soon operate out of their own warehouse.

Kelly’s joy at creating her own successful small business is undiminished 15 years later, and it flows into everything her design agency does. Gold Coast Graphic Design focuses on helping other small businesses get started with their logos, branding, marketing collateral and websites. Kelly and her team enjoy not just the design side, but also really helping their clients identify what makes them unique.

Kelly introduced a ‘Love Your Logo’ guarantee to ensure clients are completely satisfied with their work. She encourages customers to come in and sit beside them, helping steer the creative process and providing input on what they want for their business. Whilst admitting it is not the most traditional business plan, Kelly and her team aim to provide their clients with such great advice and marketing tools that they don’t need come back.

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