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Julie Sexton

Ayr, North Queensland (including north west)

Whilst meeting for a coffee in their home town of Ayr, Julie Sexton and Jenna Morello realised they shared a common passion to change lives. They created TalkHQ with the goal of improving the lives of children with communication difficulties.

I'm Julie Sexton and I'm one of the Directors at TalkHQ Speech Pathology. We work with children and we have 5 clinics all over North Queensland.

TalkHQ Speech Pathology is about changing people's lives by unlocking their communication potential.

When we first started together in 2014 we had Jenna, myself, and then a part time speech pathologist, and we've worked really hard over the last few years and now we have 15 team members.

Being my own boss is really rewarding because it means that I've got the freedom to try new things and really challenge myself and my team every single day. You're free to implement anything that comes into your mind.

We've had different business coaches along the way, but the business network that we're in at the moment has really helped us dream really big and given us the skills that we need to put those structures in place, but we couldn't have done it without the support of our husbands and our families, because we do work hard and long hours.

It's definitely got its own challenges, but I wouldn't have it any other way.

When speech pathologists Julie and Jenna met for a coffee, they realised they shared a passion to help children with communication difficulties. Living in North Queensland, they both felt that being in a regional location should not be a barrier to getting high-quality, professional speech pathology services. Their dream became a reality when TalkNQ began operating in 2014.

True to their original mission, Julie and Jenna have expanded operations with 5 new clinics across North Queensland. From just Julie, Jenna and a part-time receptionist, the company now employs 14 staff, with a desire to grow beyond North Queensland. Because of this, they decided to rebrand to TalkHQ, in preparation for further expansion. TalkHQ staff specialise in improving the communication needs of children by building strong talking, listening, reading and spelling, and social skills.

Jenna and Julie have built their practices with a strong focus on team culture. They use social media as a tool to empower parents and families to build communication into everyday routines. Most of all, their entire team of speech pathologists strive to make therapy as fun and engaging as possible. TalkHQ has produced a series of educational videos which empowers parents to take action at home to support their child's communication development.

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