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Glenn Hansen

Rockhampton, Central Queensland (including Mackay/ Isaac/ Whitsunday)

It was Glenn Hansen's coaching clients who encouraged him to start his own multi-disciplinary healthcare business. He took their advice, opening up a practice in Rockhampton in Central Queensland, and business is now booming.

I'm Glenn Hansen from Vector Health, we're based in Rockhampton, Central Queensland.

Vector Health is completely designed around you as a person and we have everything from physiotherapy right down to coaching.

The best way to learn about our line of work is probably coming and talking to someone that does it. It's one of those jobs that until you see it, do it and feel it, you can't know what it's like from just doing a uni degree or a coaching course.

It's not just about business skill it's about how to treat people with the respect that you give and you get.

Last year we were successful in winning a digital marketing grant and that was really helpful so we were able to engage a local provider in Rockhampton here to help build a new website for us and to help us with some strategic marketing.

Would I go back to a 9 to 5 lifestyle? At this stage, no and I think that's really because I feel that I have the capacity to drive my own journey and to make a massive impact on the world around me.

Vector Health and Performance was established by Glenn Hansen, after working part-time as a sports coach in a physiotherapy practice. Helping people rehabilitate from injury and enhancing athletes' performance, his clients encouraged him to start his own business. Vector Health and Performance opened its doors with 2 employees. Steady growth has seen the business expand to employ up to 12 staff who provide a wide range of physiotherapy, clinical exercise physiology, sports science, performance coaching, massage and diabetes services.

Their competitive edge comes from setting a clear, personalised plan for the rehabilitation of their clients. Vector Health and Performance's work, while largely based on the results their clients achieve, also focusses on giving clients a positive experience. With no better marketing than word of mouth, their happy clients have quickly spread the word for the practice.

Glenn and his team are passionate about providing a better level of excellence than what's available in any of Australia’s capital cities. Attracting staff to Central Queensland, and retaining them, has been a challenge for Glenn. As a result, the practice has partnered with Rockhampton schools to create career pathways through internships and casual and permanent roles. Glenn will proudly tell you that all his staff are locals. He is delighted to be able to provide them with rewarding career opportunities in regional Queensland.

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