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Glenda Pastoor

Ryan, North Queensland (including north west)

Starting out working for a security business, Glenda Pastoor bought the business and set out on a mission to expand its services. A successful Indigenous businesswoman in the male dominated sector of security, Glenda helped Phoenix Security rise from the ashes.

My name is Glenda Pastoor. My business is Phoenix Security Services. We operate in Mt Isa.

We offer night patrols, alarm responses, static guards, cash-in-transit, and basically take care of any business needs that people need security in Mt Isa for.

If you take care of people, which is a P, and their property, which is a P, profit will come, and that's basically what we run on, the 3 Ps.

I never went past Grade 10, I never learnt how to do QuickBooks or MYOB or any of that sort of stuff, I learnt all that on the fly.

I used the Back to Work, which is the grant for people that have been unemployed for a certain period of time, and it’s fantastic. It's so easy to apply for it.

We've always had compliments that our guards go above and beyond what they're supposed to, so I'm very happy.

Shortly after Glenda moved to Mount Isa, she started working part-time for a number of companies helping with their bookkeeping, wages and the day-to-day running of the businesses.

Glenda then began working full-time for a local security company, helping them decrease their debt and streamline their finances from previous mismanagement.

Working tirelessly to help the business out of debt, Glenda decided to buy it from the existing owners and Phoenix Security Services was born. Shortly after, she hired 2 new employees and planned for expansion. Commencing operations with just 1 vehicle for conducting night patrols and alarm responses, they now operate 3 security vehicles. All vehicles have been fitted out for mine sites, ensuring the business can service Mount Isa's local mining industry.

The company has also diversified from patrols and alarm responses to be able to provide construction and mine site security and cash-in-transit protection, as well as static security.

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