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Gavin Ford

Gavin Ford Mobiles
Mundubbera, Wide Bay-Burnett

Gavin Ford grew up in the Mundubbera district and was a butcher before a football accident left him a quadriplegic. The incident changed his life forever and it propelled him into a different line of business, where he has experienced success ever since.

My name is Gavin Ford. My business is Gavin Ford Mobiles and I live in Mundubbera.

My business is a Telstra dealer, known now as Telstra partner and I've been in the mobile phone business for now over 25 years.

I think it's really important that we have a mobile phone dealer in these areas. If someone wanted a sim card changed, if their phone fell in water or they lost their phone, they’d have to drive at least 2 and a half hours to the next Telstra dealer. I also run a drought master cattle stud as well so I spend a little bit of time out there as well so it's good to get away from the shop and go out on the farm and be part of that business as well.

Especially being in a small town, we need those repeat customers coming back so we want to make it a good experience for them when they are in store.

Since becoming a quadriplegic in 1986, Gavin Ford has authored an inspirational book, mentored footballers, managed a cattle operation and been a successful insurance agent. In 1993, he looked to expand his business options and purchased his first mobile phone to see if he could sell it. He now owns and operates a profitable mobile telecommunications retail outlet in Mundubbera, Gavin Ford Mobiles, and is a licensed Telstra dealer.

Exceptional over-the-counter service has been the foundation for the success of Gavin Ford Mobiles, currently employing a small, but dedicated, team of 3 experienced staff. The business has forged a solid reputation for honesty and reliability and has generated a large base of loyal, repeat customers. Gavin has seen that locals prefer to deal with another local who they know and trust. To keep up with the ever-changing technology landscape, he regularly attends product launches, ensuring he can provide the most up-to-date products and knowledge for his customers.

With the rollout of the National Broadband Network, Gavin forecasts increasing demand for his business' services over the coming years. In regional locations, telecommunications are vital and without Gavin's business, customers would be forced to drive for more than 4 hours for simple services like obtaining a new SIM card.

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