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Fiona Matheson

Eungella Realty
Finch Hatton, Central Queensland (including Mackay/ Isaac/ Whitsunday)

Fiona Matheson is a part-time property developer, buying tired properties and renovating them. Living in Eungella, with the nearest real estate agent an 80km drive away, she established Eungella Realty to service her home town.

Hi, I’m Fiona Matheson of Eungella Realty, and we’re based in Finch Hatton in the beautiful Pioneer Valley out of Mackay. We offer rural and rainforest properties in the beautiful Eungella National Park and surrounding suburbs.

Six months ago I employed a business trainee and more recently in the last couple of weeks I’ve also employed a full-time real estate salesperson.

My typical customers would be sellers in our area as well as buyers of all ages. Yeah, anyone who wants to enter the property market.

I also received a Digital Grant from the Queensland Government and that enabled me to upgrade my website and they put forward 50% of the funding which was most helpful, without that, I would not have been able to do that upgrade.

My passion for the region has influenced my business undoubtedly, because it’s such a beautiful, majestic place to live.

Property owners in Eungella and surrounds were frustrated that they had to rely on real estate agents making a 160km round trip from Mackay to service their real estate needs. So Fiona, who buys and renovates properties in the region, commenced a part-time, online real estate enterprise, helping Eungella property owners sell their homes. With a self-created, basic website and logo, the business went live in 2015, with the goal of listing 10 homes in 12 months.

Within the first 6 months, Fiona listed 20 properties, and assisted 40 families with their property goals via estate sales.  Along the way Eungella Realty employed their first staff member and opened a new office. In 2017, via the Queensland Government’s Back to Work scheme, Fiona was able to employ a young job seeker for 20 hours a week, transitioning to a 12 month business traineeship. In early 2018, through the same scheme, she was able to hire a second full-time employee, specialising in property sales.

In 2017, Fiona opened the new Eungella Realty office, providing the business with passing traffic from both locals and tourists. With assistance from a Queensland Government Digital Grant, Fiona was able to upgrade her website and produce a digital TV display of all her listings. Stepping outside her comfort zone, Fiona has created a business that allows her to do what she loves while helping other buyers and sellers in her local area.

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