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Dominique Sanday

Labrador, SEQ
Health Care and Social Assistance

Out of the adversity of a father with Parkinson's disease, Dominique Sanday created Neeki Designs. Realising she had designed a product that could help more people like her father, she focused on marketing the Wonder Sheet - a sleeping aid for anyone with mobility problems.

Hi, my name is Dominique Sanday, from Neeki Designs, and we're based on the Gold Coast.

We custom make bedlinen. We also manufacture a unique style of fitted sheet which I call the Wonder Sheet, and it increases your mobility in bed.

The best way to learn about what we do at Neeki Designs is actually trying the product, otherwise, on our website we have lots of the information.

My business experience and knowledge was not much at all. Apart from probably the things that I picked up from my previous roles in hospitality and administration. Swapping my job for 9 to 5? No, I would not. I feel like I do more hours than 9 to 5, but I like the flexibility, having a family and school things, so, no, definitely wouldn’t swap it.

When Dad, having Parkinson's disease, came in to Mum and I and said, "I need something to help me move in bed," and we tried, and we created the Wonder Sheet.

Dominique's father was diagnosed with Parkinson's disease when she was just 10 and he was only 39. After 2 decades dealing with the illness, Dominique's father started having difficulty turning over in bed. He asked Dominique if she could help. Her father slept in satin pyjamas because the material helped him move more easily in bed, so she began trialling similar fabrics for bed sheeting. She settled on a sheet with a satin fabric middle, and traditional fabric at the top and bottom, so her father could get leverage with his feet or arms to move.

Realising what she had created was useful for anyone with mobility problems of any age, Dominique established Neeki Designs. She started out with a small sewing team and marketing the Wonder Sheet while working fulltime. However, she hit unforeseen challenges when her supplier stopped producing the satin, and her sewing team wanted to leave to establish their own projects.

Dominique looked to China, and in 2014 received her first shipment and began marketing the Wonder Sheet directly to wholesalers. From their head office on the Gold Coast, Neeki Designs now provides the Wonder Sheet to more than 100 stockists across Australia, who Dominique personally visits. She hasn't needed to employ any staff so far, apart from 2 contractors to sew custom orders.

In helping her father with his Parkinson's disease, Dominique has now created a product that helps to improve the sleep of thousands of people with a mobility problem.

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