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Dee Scott

Thornlands, SEQ

Dee Scott realised her passion for assisting dog owners could be the start of her very own business. Getting a pass-out from hospital just to stay hands-on with her business shows just how dedicated a dog trainer and businesswoman Dee truly is.

My name is Dee. My business name is Positive Response Dog Training and I live in Brisbane.

The best way to get into what we do, is to actually qualify yourself and to do some volunteer work at the same time. Working with Border Security with AQIS in Victoria was very fulfilling, I had a fantastic time. I had a little Beagle called Phantom. I actually grew up in a small business, so I understood how difficult it was to run a business and from there I actually spent 20 years in the public service, so I've gained a lot of experience to get me to the point of where I am today.

It's taught me to have a lot of patience and that we obviously have to do a lot of work with the owners to assist their dogs. I definitely would not swap my job for a nine-to-five role.

Training dogs on a voluntary basis for more than 2 decades across Victoria and Canberra, Dee's passion for assisting owners and their dogs planted the seed for a business idea. It would take another year after transferring to Queensland for work until Positive Response Dog Training began as a micro-enterprise offering classes every Saturday.

One class quickly grew to 5 classes, and it wasn't long before Dee was losing her voice trying to keep up with demand. Dee formed a strategic alliance with a local vet, found a second venue and began offering night classes. Within the year she hired a second dog trainer, but that did not stop Dee getting a pass-out of hospital suffering asthma to teach a class herself!

It wasn't long before Dee left full-time work to concentrate solely on Positive Response Dog Training. And it paid off; 2 casual staff now look after the business administration, the enterprise employs numerous trainers and pet sitters, operates 4 dog training venues across Brisbane and has formed partnerships with Open Colleges and Animals on Course as part of the Certificate I-IV in Companion Animal Services training.

Dee notes the importance of accurate bookkeeping as critical to running your own small business. Starting out with spreadsheets, she now uses an electronic accounting package to manage her growing business. Dee also learnt the basics of business marketing and how to create a website, but hasn't been afraid to consult with experts, such as a web designer.

Dee's future plans for Positive Response include hiring more staff, becoming a company and expanding the offering to include assistance dogs.

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