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Danielle Storey

Eight Mile Plains, SEQ
Information Media and Telecommunications

When Danielle Storey couldn't remember if she had closed her garage door when she left home, it gave her an idea. Using the innovation of modern technology, Smarter Technology Solutions (STS) was created and set out to improve everyday business operations through remote monitoring.

I'm Danielle Storey, the Chief Innovation Officer at Smarter Technology Solutions, based in Brisbane with a satellite office in Sydney.

Smarter Technology Solutions is a business which uses technology, census, and data analytics to help our customers understand their efficiencies and optimise it, as well as contribute towards sustainability initiatives.

I used to do a lot of work with State and Federal Government in technology integration, certainly within much bigger companies, and now a bit more fun in a smaller, more agile organisation.

When we started Smarter Technology Solutions I'd actually run someone else's business before and just really wanted to do it for myself. But our co-founder had not run a business before so we've both kind of learned as we've gone.

We've actually had a couple of grants to date. We got one for hiring a young person that had been out of work for several weeks, a Queensland Government initiative. We also got some advisory in business services through Queensland Government, and we're looking at another round at the moment, so there's never been a better time to get grants and funding from the government. There's a lot of support.

Danielle Storey, co-founder of STS, had an idea when she kept leaving her home garage door open. She realised how useful it would be if she could check the door, and open and close it, remotely. After discussing this with family and friends, including co-founder Ash Hare, Danielle found this type of remote monitoring would also be useful for her father's job in the mining industry. Following detailed research, Danielle and Ash discovered an opportunity to collect huge amounts of data from sensors worldwide to link with technology and inform better decision-making and automation.

STS has grown to now work with over 12 local governments, helping councils improve business processes and increase operational effectiveness. Issues that STS have worked on include identifying water leaks and pollutants in the water supply and optimising waste collection methods. They have also helped with remotely monitoring field-based assets, conducting preventative maintenance and improving parking, traffic and building energy efficiencies.

STS has been rapidly increasing staff numbers to accommodate the growth of 'Internet of Things' technology and the 'smart cities' trend. However, the business remains lean and agile, and they work hard to stay ahead of the technology curve, ensuring they have the knowledge and capability to protect their clients' investments and assets. With 2 female directors, STS is also proud to highlight how women are playing a leading role in the science, technology, engineering and mathematics sector.

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