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Danielle Kohen

Hervey Bay, Wide Bay-Burnett

Good old-fashioned customer service and product diversification have been the bedrock of success for Astro Alloys, a proudly Australian family company from Hervey Bay. Starting in 1979 in manufacturing specialised welding products, Astro Alloys has expanded its product range to include cleaning products and fertilisers for a large range of Australian customers, across numerous industries and sectors.

My name is Danielle Kohen and I work at Astro Alloys and I live in Hervey Bay.

Astro Alloys is an innovative Australian business and we specialise in natural and eco friendly chemicals, welding products and fertilisers.

My parents started the business about 40 years ago and my background before that was retail and also a double degree in business.

Our typical customer would be people in rural Australia that live on the land, farmers of all types that want quality products that are safe for them in environment.

I'm probably lucky because when I came into it, my parents had already had 20 years of experience in it, so they had a lot of advice to offer to me regarding what to do and what not to do.

Last year we applied for and received a digital grant for our E-Commerce website and with the government grant we managed to get a really nice E-Commerce site up and running.

The ability to recognise opportunities and strategically capitalise on them has seen Astro Alloys grow. From manufacturing welding products to now developing innovative cleaning and fertiliser products, they service a wide range of markets across Australia.

From inception, the business specialised in welding products and gained a solid reputation for quality and reliability. Generating a wide range of loyal customers across a wide range of industries has enabled Astro Alloys to broadly expand their business.

Undertaking significant research and development has been a key part of Astro Alloys’ success. This research has enabled them to expand into specialised cleaning products for a wide range of applications. It has also provided them with the confidence to pursue further product diversification endeavours and provide a better range of products to their clients. It will also result in more staff being brought on to meet the increasing customer demand.

Their growth has been supported by traditional, personalised customer service, respect and care of their workforce. This has been recognised nationally, with Astro Alloys the recipient of 3 awards for their diversity and inclusive workplace practices.

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