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Craig Stowers

Pelican Waters, SEQ

After nearly 2 decades in the Australian Defence Force (ADF), Craig Stowers established See-Thru Clear Fencing on the Sunshine Coast. The company is testament to Craig's ability to make the difficult transition from active military duty to business owner.

Hi, my name's Craig Stowers, I'm from See-Thru Clear Fencing and we're based on the Sunshine Coast.

Our business described in 1 sentence would be doing frameless glass pool fencing and balustrading.

I was lucky enough I got to go on a lot of courses when I was in the army and there's always someone who's pedantic and they're always saying that's not good enough, it's not clean enough, it's not neat enough and it wasn't. You got yelled or it got thrown on the floor and now, I do pool fencing where the fence has to be straight, it's got to be in line, I've got to comply with the rules and regulations, everything's all got to be nice and neat so yeah, pool fencing's perfect for me.

I'm not really my own boss. I always have someone that I've got to answer to. I would say it's good that I have the ability to allocate time and resources to things that, when I want, but at the same time, I work every day. I mean at work every day, there's always something that's got to be done because it's our business and if you want it to succeed, you've got to put that time and effort in.

Craig enlisted in the ADF when he was just 20 years old and spent the next 19 years posted all over the world. As with many ex-service personnel, Craig found the transition from the military to civilian life difficult. There was 1 vital component which made the transition easier - the values instilled in Craig while serving in the military. These values of integrity, work ethic, comradery and commitment became the foundation values on which Craig built his business.

See-Thru Clear Fencing specialises in the design and construction of frameless glass pool fencing and glass balcony balustrades. This provides uninterrupted views of a pool or garden while meeting all the relevant Australian safety standards and Queensland Government regulations. Glass fencing is becoming increasingly popular for securing pools and balconies on the Sunshine Coast, where Craig is based. With the glass panels made of modern toughened safety glass, they can be very wide and only need to be fixed from the base, giving the fence or balustrade a sleek, sophisticated look without sacrificing strength or security, or interrupting the views.

Still in its infancy, See-Thru Clear Fencing has tapped a growing market sector, but still experiences all the difficulties a start-up company faces including marketing, product choice and quoting challenges. The business maintains the values that it was built on and Craig is often described by customers as "going beyond the call of duty”. Craig and his company are an example of how the skills and values learned in the military can be readily transferred to owning a small business.

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