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Clayton Coughlan

Brendale, SEQ

Likeminded Painters Australia (LPA), with more than 1,300 members from Australia’s small business painting sector, proves there is power in unity. LPA are a small business themselves, providing purchasing power and support for other small painting businesses across the nation.

My name is Clayton Coughlan, I own Likeminded Painters Australia and I'm based in Brisbane.

So ultimately what Likeminded Painters Australia is, is it's a buying group for the Australian painting industry. So I go out and source deals for our members right across the country to help them become profitable. I'm actually a painter by trade and been in the industry for about 29 years now and I saw a real need for the smaller guys in our market to get better buying prices because generally the prices are tipped towards those larger guys in the market.

People say to me how could I go working a 9 to 5 type job, well my typical response to them really, because I'm in small business is, I wouldn't want to work part time. But it does give you the flexibility to do what you want and set your own dreams and goals. I had a phone call from a client the other day who was just so happy with the amount of money he'd saved, he'd been able to take his family on a holiday for the first time in 4 years. So when you get feedback like that it makes you feel like you're doing the right thing and you're definitely making a positive difference to people's lives.

Clayton Coughlan created LPA based on a simple idea: to create a hub of painting businesses that leverages product knowledge, experience and buying power. The concept is underpinned by trust, integrity and longstanding relationships. In a short space of time, LPA has attracted 1,380 members from across Australia, who see the merit in leveraging the power of 1 buying group.

LPA have innovated to be a virtual co-operative, utilising a closed Facebook page and website to connect with members. This network allows members to discuss issues and share tips and information on painting industry and small business specific issues. Video tutorials and conferences also provide insight into the latest technological developments in painting and the best small business management practices. With a simple, streamlined structure, LPA has established contracts with a range of preferred suppliers who provide deal terms to members. In turn, LPA encourages its members to give the maximum support to each deal, consistent with their own business objectives.

LPA has been actively involved in community and charity work, with members coming together to provide painting assistance for community organisations. LPA plans to continue to deliver value to its members by connecting them to the right suppliers at the right price. They’re proudly continuing to secure pre-negotiated pricing for members and providing savings for small painting businesses across Australia.

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