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Carla Grieve

Mission Beach, Far North Queensland

The Tinnie Shack at Mission Beach is a boat sales and repair business, serving customers from Cairns to Townsville. It is the resilience of the business, and its owner Carla Grieve, which sets it apart, bouncing back from 2 cyclones and the global financial crisis.

Hi, my name is Carla Grieve. I'm the owner of The Tinnie Shack in beautiful Mission Beach.

The Tinnie Shack is a marine business which does sales, repairs, we also have a marine chandlery store, so we are a boating store that's a one-stop shop.

I take a lot of advice from our industry, the reps that come through, the people that have been in there. My clients, I get a lot of feedback, and I ask my clients questions.

I'm aware that there's always grants available for small business; I think the government does a great job in supporting those small business industries.

Tinnies are quite iconic for Queenslanders having a beer, having a barbecue. Everybody's got a tinnie and I think it's great because they don't cost a lot of money to own, they don't cost a lot of money to run, and it's something that can provide you a really great lifestyle, especially in North Queensland.

The Tinnie Shack offers new and second-hand boat sales, marine finance and insurance, outboards, bait and tackle from their premises in Mission Beach. The business also offers boat, trailer and engine sales and service to customers stretching from Cairns to Townsville.

When the global financial crisis hit in 2007, up to 35% of the Australian recreation marine industry was wiped out in just the first 12 months. Thanks to a lot of hard work, The Tinnie Shack managed to survive the global recession, on top of recovering from Cyclone Larry the previous year. Then, in 2011, just as The Tinnie Shack was getting back to normal trading, the business took a direct hit from Cyclone Yasi, which crossed the coast at Mission Beach as a category 5.

Carla and her husband have a remarkable story of courage and endurance, including a near fatal truck accident. They have pushed through, against the odds, and The Tinnie Shack is testament to their resilience and perseverance.

Working in a male-dominated industry, Carla has created a unique business managing organic growth despite many challenges. With her own strength, the support of her family and community, Carla and The Tinnie Shack have thrived in the face of adversity. Not afraid to change and grow, The Tinnie Shack are prepared for any challenges they may face in the future.

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