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Brett Chamberlain

Brisbane, SEQ

When Brett Chamberlain received treatment for his "sleep disordered breathing" condition, he was unhappy with the experience. Out of this, Sleep Clinic Services was born. After growing to 7 clinics as far south as Hobart, Brett and his team transformed Sleep Clinic Services to a user-friendly online business that now serves people all around Australia.

My name’s Brett Chamberlain, I am the Chief Executive Officer of Sleep Clinic Services, which is a company based in Brisbane in Queensland, but we serve patients all around Australia.

Sleep Clinic Services provides in-home diagnosis and treatment for people who have sleep disordered breathing conditions. Uniquely, we have taken that service to the patient in their home, rather than have the patient come to the service in a hospital.

I was an army officer for the first 20 years of my adult life. That taught me a great deal about structure and systems and management, and indeed, leadership. My business experience came about after I left the army; I was recruited by a management consulting firm, as a consultant, and watching other people deal with issues has been a magnificent opportunity for me to learn how to deal with those issues myself. So now in this case I am really just applying those same old principles to my own organisation.

When Brett received treatment for his own sleep-apnoea, he found it an effective but unpleasant experience. He decided that he could improve the experience for other people undertaking similar treatment, and Sleep Clinic Services was formed.

After experiencing strong national growth, Sleep Clinic Services' business planning process identified a range of emerging issues and trends. These led Sleep Clinic Services to transition to a completely cloud-based business. Adopting new technology has allowed its team members to work flexibly from their homes and serve patients and practitioners all around the nation.

Accredited by the Royal Australian College of General Practitioners as training providers, Sleep Clinic Services have built their brand to be the preferred providers for a growing number of leading surgeons, doctors and organisations. While competing services require that the patient go to the technology, Sleep Clinic Services brings the technology to the patient. Clients are surveyed at every step along the treatment pathway and Sleep Clinic Services uses the feedback to improve systems and enhance the patient experience.

With a steady stream of positive feedback from patients whose lives they have changed, Sleep Clinic Services are working towards becoming a 100% referral-based business. In the meantime, Brett and his team use search engine optimisation, social media and pay-per-click marketing techniques to grow the business. With 60% growth yearly, Brett has increased team numbers and expects stronger growth in the future.

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