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Astrid Schwartz

Brisbane, SEQ

A trip back to her native Sweden with her baby inspired Astrid Schwartz to make a portable nest for her young child. She used it everywhere and was constantly asked by other parents about it - Bubnest was born.

My name is Astrid Schwartz, I'm the founder of Bubnest and I live in Brisbane.

We enable new parents to have a rest, get things done and explore more by providing a soft, portable baby bed out of organic cotton so that the baby can nap anywhere at any time.

I studied theoretical physics of all things and I've been working in finance since my studies. Just recently I decided to quit my nine-to-five job and focus fully on Bubnest.

We were also fortunate enough to get the Small Business Entrepreneur Grant which helped us to make a marketing strategy for us which was really, really good.

To learn about my line of work I think you just need to be a mum because then you realise there are so many new challenges and issues that pop up that you've never had before and that's where I found a problem that I had, which I solved myself, and then I wanted to provide that solution to the rest of the world.

When Astrid was continually asked about her baby's portable nest, she realised that she had created a product in demand. Before travelling to her native country Sweden on maternity leave, Astrid Schwartz made a soft, portable baby bed in the shape of a nest for her young child. She used it everywhere - at the park, at home, when exercising, the beach, at dinner parties. Other parents constantly asked her where she got it.

Astrid's mother, who had looked after 4 children under 5, agreed that a nest like Astrid's would have been very useful, so she decided to turn it into a business. Making the first products herself from home, she used social media and word of mouth to help spread the word. Growing to a small team, Bubnests are now fully manufactured from organic material, with headquarters in Wilston.

Since establishing the business, Astrid's aim has been to make it an enterprise which offers flexible working opportunities for local women. This means keeping the manufacturing in Australia and sourcing and keeping stock of enough high-quality, organic materials. Sourcing organic materials is complicated and more expensive than using cheap materials but has proven valuable to the success of Bubnest. Astrid has provided a small team of local women with flexible work options and an income, and many babies with a safe and organic Bubnest.

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