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Anna Andriolo

Red Hill, SEQ

Simply for Strings began as a Brisbane-based mobile business providing expert advice, guidance, instruments and accessories for string musicians in metro regional Queensland. Their high level of customer service has been the foundation for building one of Australia’s largest string instrument specialists.

Hi, my name’s Anna Andriolo, my business is Simply For Strings and we’re based in Brisbane.

Simply For Strings is a hub for all musicians to come to.  This store, this is 11 years in this location now.

We only specialise in violins, violas, cellos and double basses.  We had a little 4 year old in this morning getting her first violin which was really exciting, and we have a lot of parents who start playing when their children start playing and then we also, on Tuesday we had the concert master of the Queensland Symphony Orchestra.  So we actually to employ, they are called luthiers, so they will actually finish the instruments here, so we get a shell basically.  It’s a very personal journey for each customer and we make sure that’s really important to us as well because when they start, like that little 4 year old girl, she’ll be back when she’s six to get her next violin and then she’ll be back when she’s 8 and she’ll be back when she’s 10 and 12 and we watch them grow.  It’s really awesome.

After realising there was no string instrument specialist in Brisbane, Anna Andriolo and Toby Cumpstay established Simply for Strings. It began as a mobile enterprise, offering expert, specialised advice, plus instrument sales, set-up and accessories to string musicians in their homes or schools. During this period, they gained a reputation for outstanding customer service, the foundation on which the future success and growth was built.

When Simply for Strings went digital their website generated an average of 25 sales a week in 2007. Growing to over 250 sales a week, the business moved to a larger Brisbane premises, an iconic former church in Red Hill. For string musicians across Australia, this well-known location has become synonymous with a world-class range of string instruments and accessories. The inspiring showroom has become a hub for string musicians across the country. Simply for Strings’ highly-trained, dedicated staff still provide expert instrument care and set-up.

With a number of string instrument experts, Simply for Strings has become the largest string instrument specialist in Australia. Leveraging this growth, they have introduced the string instrument donation program, providing others in need with professionally reconditioned string instruments. This community program has so far donated 50 instruments to recipients across Australia. They have also established an Aspiring Musicians Award which loans high-quality violins to 2 young Australian musicians who display outstanding passion and potential.

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