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Alistair Hart

Atherton, Far North Queensland

Alistair Hart believes the future can be enhanced through the use of geospatial information. His business, Mangoesmapping, was created using his expertise to inform decisions regarding financial, asset and environmental sustainability.

Hi, my name is Alistair Hart. My business is Mangoesmapping Proprietary Limited and we're based in Atherton, Far North Queensland.

I'd describe my business Mangoesmapping as a geospatial company that uses emerging mapping technologies to improve social, financial and environmental sustainability for our society.

Well I started in the geospatial industry as a suveyor's assistant on a major civil infrastructure project when I was 19.

Through my support network, I've been made aware of a lot of different grants, 2 that we've successfully applied for include the Australian small business assistance scheme and the Small Business Entrepreneur scheme from the state government, which has been really helpful in allowing us to access new markets, including exporting product overseas.

Emerging drone technology has really democratised mapping capabilities, well beyond participants in the traditional industries associated with mapping. The low cost of entry to accessing drone mapping technology allows much denser and more repeatable data collections and that is really disrupting agriculture, conservation, construction and mining industries

Alistair Hart has a passion to help deliver a sustainable future and believes geospatial information is critical to this future. He established Mangoesmapping to visualise geospatial information and analysis relating to the location and characteristics of natural or constructed features.

Based in Atherton in Far North Queensland, Mangoesmapping has built a solid reputation for high-quality geospatial information and analysis for a growing list of blue-chip clients. The business assists clients across the agriculture, construction, government, telecommunications, extractive industries, terrestrial and marine conservation sectors.

Mangoesmapping serves clients with a dedicated team of 'geo-geeks' who specialise in data creation, analysis, geocoding and 3D data visualisation. The business also provides geospatial information systems and desktop mapping services for asset management, demographic analysis, agribusiness, mineral exploration and environmental projects.

One of the most high-profile environmental projects Mangoesmapping undertook was monitoring sediment loss in erosion gullies using drone technology. This award winning project helped to determine the most effective experimental control strategies for reducing sediment on the Great Barrier Reef.

Looking to the future and a growing client base, Mangoesmapping's next challenge will be attracting and retaining qualified employees to a regional location. With this challenge comes the opportunity to support the local economy with tertiary employment, and invest in community-driven projects that reflect the values of the business.

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