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Adam Watts

Nerang, SEQ

Frustrated with traditional glass companies' obsession with mass production, Adam Watts started In Glass Design to return the focus to the customer. For over 18 years, In Glass Design has crafted and installed distinctive glass features for stylish residential and commercial spaces. By concentrating on genuine customer service, innovation and investing in new technologies, the business has gone from strength to strength while remaining ahead of the competition.

Hi, my name is Adam Watts. My business is In Glass Design and I'm based on the Gold Coast in Queensland.

In Glass Design create, manufacture, and install innovative glass products for the commercial and residential sector.

The best way to learn about our line of work would probably be through our website I did a Bachelor of Business at university and then, basically, I decided that I wanted to pursue more of an Arts creative sort of design career, so I then studied a Diploma in Commercial Design. There's lots of resources out there that can help you get the business to where it needs to go.

I'm aware of a number of different key government initiatives, government grants and resources, and we've also been awarded the Accelerate Grant from the Queensland Government just recently for business growth and development, which has been an amazing journey. Also there is the Mentoring for Growth campaign from the government as well, which I've participated in. There's a bunch of different stuff that we're taking advantage of at the moment and quite successfully impacting on our business which is really cool.

After spending 8 years working for other glass companies, Adam Watts was frustrated with their lack of customer service and increasing focus on mass production. In response, he started his own company, In Glass Design. Commencing operations in an 80m² shed, In Glass Design has grown steadily and now operates out of their own 500 m² facility. The secret to the company's success has been innovation, continually reinventing the products they sell to stay ahead of the competition, and investing in the technology to achieve that.

In Glass Design was the first glass company in Queensland to own and operate a dedicated industrial flatbed printer. This enables the company to print any high-resolution digital image, pattern or texture directly onto glass, creating a variety of effects for customers. These glass designs are used in bathrooms, kitchens and beyond to add a stylistic, luxury touch and offer clients a clear point of difference from traditional glass companies. Adapting to clients needs to deliver custom glass projects that address critical performance aspects has also been key to their success. Over the years, Adam Watts has encouraged his team and suppliers to honour the In Glass Design values of hard work, trust and commitment to quality.

During the global financial crisis, Adam reviewed his business processes and introduced production efficiencies, enabling him to hire more staff. When looking to grow the company further, he decided to move from mainly residential work to also include commercial clients and offer business-to-business trading. Not afraid to ask for help to achieve this, Adam took part in the Queensland Government's Mentoring for Growth program and was also awarded a Small Business Accelerate grant. The knowledge, experience and contacts gained from the program and funding renewed Adam's drive and motivation to keep pushing for further business growth.

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