About the Small Business Friendly program

The Small Business Friendly (SBF) program, led by the Queensland Small Business Commissioner, was established in Queensland to recognise and support local governments (councils) that actively support small businesses in their community and to help small business recover and build resilience when faced with economic challenges.

Economic prosperity is everyone's business, so we are now including Queensland Government agencies and large enterprise in the program.

The SBF program provides the framework, support and tools to help local governments, Queensland Government agencies and large enterprise to realise their role in supporting small business. By bringing people together around a common goal, the program aims to enhance the operating environment for small businesses and provide the opportunities they need to thrive.

The program is driven by a series of simple, yet powerful, commitments by SBF members to improve the way they transact, interact, and support small businesses across Queensland. It is designed to create tangible and practical improvements and outcomes that help SBF members deliver on their commitments and become more efficient and effective.

If your organisation works with, interacts with or supports small businesses, then this program is designed for you.

Benefits of the SBF program

The benefits of the SBF program are wide-reaching, including thriving communities, stronger businesses and sustainable livelihoods.

Participation in the SBF program provides members with many tangible and actionable benefits including:

  • access to a community of like-minded members who provide support and experience-based guidance to inform your own efforts
  • access to tools and resources to support small business resilience, recovery and growth within your community
  • access to regular forums to learn more about what others are doing and how you might do the same
  • recognition as a SBF member by the Queensland Small Business Commissioner demonstrating your commitment to your small business community
  • opportunities to showcase your local programs, to raise awareness of your efforts and provide inspiration to others
  • use of the SBF brand identifier to promote your commitment and raise awareness of your involvement in the program
  • dedicated advice and support from the Office of the Queensland Small Business Commissioner.

Join the SBF program

By joining the SBF program, you commit to recognise and consider small businesses as an important customer, recipient and supplier of your services.

It means you'll:

  • consider small businesses when making key decisions that impact them, such as purchasing and payment practices, tender processes and legislative and policy decisions
  • be mindful of small businesses, their issues and priorities when making decisions for your community and for Queensland
  • agree to and sign a Small Business Friendly Charter which outlines your commitments to improve your organisation for your small business community. View a sample charter of commitment.
  • keep a log of your improvements and report on progress each financial year. This is a simple process that is part of our 5-step approach to being small business friendly. In return, you will be able to access a range of experience, practical support and resources from our team and from other members.

Contact us to find out more, or to join the SBF program.

SBF identifier symbol

The branding symbolises the SBF program as a partnership of continuous improvement.

The SBF symbol:

  • signifies the process of continuous improvement to enhance the operating environment for small businesses
  • uses 2 different colours to represent SBF members and small businesses
  • represents the SBF members working together, in partnership with small businesses by its intertwined symbol.
SBFC identifier symbol

Participating Small Business Friendly organisations

View the participating organisations that have joined the SBF program to enhance the operating environment for small businesses.

Find out how your organisation can be Small Business Friendly.